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Our plastering courses start from just £295 for 4 days or £195 for 2 days. - Liverpool

The Plastering Course will teach you all the skills you need to work as a plasterer. It is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to those wishing to further develop their skills. Good plasterers are in high demand, so if your thinking about a change in career, now could be the time... ... (Training Available in Liverpool by Merseyside Building Skills Training Centre) Our plastering courses start from just £295 for 4 days or £195 for 2 Liverpool

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Course Offered by Merseyside Building Skills Training Centre, Alternatives:1 of 2 courses & classes

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On the plastering course you will learn some of the following skills and more.. Learn how to mix different materials e.g. plaster, bonding, sand and cement, dry wall adhesive. Become familiar with the tools used in plastering and learn how to use them safely. Learn how to prepare work area prior to plastering. Learn to apply plaster to a wall. Learn how to plaster a ceiling. How to measure and cut plaster boards. Fix plaster boards to studded walls. Learn to dot and dab. Render walls with sand and cement and scratch and finish coat. Pebble dash walls. Learn to fix skim beads, float beads, bell cast, stop beads and arch beads. Work out estimated amounts of materials needed for size of the rooms. ... (Training Available in Liverpool by The Vocational College Ltd.) Plasteringin Liverpool

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Course Offered by The Vocational College Ltd., Alternatives:1 of 2 courses & classes

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