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Ride the technology wave with the London School of Computer Education (LSCE)! If you believe that the information technology industry is one of the biggest employers today, you are right of course! Interesting, well-paying jobs in the IT sector are definitely on the cards for candidates with the right skills and attitude. And that's where LSCE comes in. LSCE is a well established IT skills training institute and we have been training a diverse range of students in London successfully for the last seven years. At LSCE, we help you choose the right course (this is important considering the array of choices that you have), support your learning with the best academics and industry professionals and provide you with excellent infrastructure. The qualifications you gain at LSCE ensure that you can tick all the important boxes, and give you real value in the market. We also help you with career-related advice as you get started. LSCE offers a wide range of courses from Database and Applications, Programming to Web and Graphic Design and Networking courses. And these courses are recognized by the organizations that matter - Microsoft, CISCO, or Oracle, among many others. Our faculty holds impressive industry recognized credentials - and this is crucial, as they are in the best position to advise you. Even our non-teaching staff for that matter has an IT background, also for the same reason. Every machine that you use will have the latest Duo Core 2 processor. Classrooms are equipped for the best training delivery, also having access to specialized systems such as Cisco routers and switches 2600s, 3200s and Sun blade and Spark machines. There are the finer details, of course, and it's important you talk to us and get as much information as possible. It's the details that make LSCE an excellent institute to learn and build your IT skills!
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